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GPT-4o,Gemini Pro  and  LLaMA in One Chat Experience

Automate workflows, store & chat with your own library of docs, create custom plugins, link to Zapier and collaborate on projects as a team. TeamAI is the upgrade.

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Chat with Documents and Resources

Generative answers, customized for your resources. Train AI assistants to understand your data, provide answers or suggest decisions based on uploaded documents.

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Custom Assistants

It’s alive! Craft the perfect persona for your AI assistant to effortlessly align its tone, purpose and goals with the task at hand.

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No-Code Automation Workflows

Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your AI Assistant by automating multiple levels of prompts to build its knowledge before delivering the final result.

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Custom Plugins

Build your own custom plugins to create functionality beyond chat. Connect to your own external databases or tools with simple POST or GET requests. Add them to your chat or your custom AI Assistants.

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Collaborative AI Workspaces

It’s hard to get ahead when your team is still catching up.

Centralize your learning and AI implementation with collaborative tools, like shared prompts, team folders and accessible AI chat histories.

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Shared Prompt Libraries

Streamline your process by making templates out of your best and most frequently used prompts. Snag and share templates with the community to accelerate learning using our Prompt Gallery.

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Team Usage Reporting

Dive into your team’s experience with their AI assistant and make the most of it through usage reporting.

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Nutshell’s Marketing Team Loves Multi-Model

“TeamAI is like a superpowered ChatGPT. It gave our team a way to work together using tools like GPT-4 and Claude 2.”

– Will Gordon, Nutshell’s Director of Marketing
WebFX uses TeamAI for its 500+ Employees

“TeamAI’s collaborative features have superpowered our teams. Hundreds of our employees have been able to share prompts and use multiple models using TeamAI. It is flexible enough for all of our teams’ processes and powerful enough to do everything they need.
TeamAI is a gamechanger.”

– William Craig, CEO & Co-Founder of WebFX
Thrive found TeamAI easy to implement

“There is no other tool like this that makes it so easy to roll out AI in your organization. Their multi model system makes it easy to adapt my strategy as AI tools change so quickly and I’m not committed to any one single AI model in my organization.”

– Ash Jones, Thrive Fit Co

One Tool for Every Team

HR + Ops

Promote Team Learning

Help employees master generative AI through usage insights that tell you where to intervene.

Streamline Responses

Save time by having your AI assistant write up communications.

Create Outlines for Employee Guides

Let your AI generate outlines for handbooks and guides. Then, loop in teammates to fine-tune the results.


Spark New Ideas

Jump-start your creativity with a list of potential designs.

Collaborate on Design Concepts

After fleshing out ideas, get input from other team members with reactions and comments.

Find Your Conversations

Can’t remember that great concept from last week? Find it quickly in TeamAI’s organized folders.


Generate Interview Questions

Have your AI assistant craft relevant interview questions based on the position and your goals.

Analyze Documents

Upload a list of responsibilities, and your AI can build a targeted job listing to attract quality candidates.

Collaborate With Team Leads

Discuss potential candidates with stakeholders without leaving TeamAI.


Summarize Reports

Upload reports and whitepapers for the AI to summarize, so you can focus on turning the data into engaging content.

Brainstorm Content

Let the AI do some heavy lifting and help you come up with ideas for social media posts, website content or newsletters.

Learn Unknown Topics

Ask questions about virtually anything and minimize your research time before jumping into new topics.


Adopt Curated Personas

Write to your audience by having your AI speak in a targeted persona.

Find New Angles

Ask your AI some big-picture questions to find gaps and opportunities for better sales strategies.

Share Threads With Marketing

During campaign development, share your ideation chats with marketing to provide more background.

Public Relations

Refine Communications

Have the AI generate text for press releases based on contextual details.

Explore Alternative Paths

Create forked chats to go down multiple paths and compare strategies.

Simplify Frequent Tasks

Need to share reports every month? Add a prompt your custom library to build your messaging faster.

Unleash Your Team’s Potential

From analyzing long documents to brainstorming content ideas, AI is paving the way forward for organizations of all sizes. A staggering 97% of business owners feel that ChatGPT will positively impact their operations. Take AI to the next level and stay ahead of the curve with a flexible workspace designed for whatever the future holds. Start a Free Trial »

Choose the best model for the job, all from one place:

10 Models 
and submodels

  • GPT 3.5 Turbo
  • GPT 3.5 Turbo 16k
  • GPT 4.0
  • Claude 2
  • Claude Instant V1
  • Gemini Pro & Gemini Pro Vision
  • Palm 2 – Chat Bison
  • Palm 2 – Codechat Bison
  • Llama 2 13B
  • Llama 2 70B Chat
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