Behind every great AI is a group of great humans. We’re passionate about the power of technology and helping businesses make the most of it.

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How TeamAI Got Its Start

TeamAI might have evolved into a large company, but it began as a passion project for two brothers. Moiz and Samad are fascinated by machine learning and AI. They built the first version of the platform to facilitate better learning and make it easier to collaborate while using AI. It offered an exciting way to communicate and work with generative language models — but it wasn’t quite what business users needed.

Enter Shane and Bill. These early adopters also saw the potential of AI but were all too familiar with the challenges of integrating it in their workplaces. They connected with Moiz and Samad and helped TeamAI take shape with business-focused resources. After expanding the product into a multi-model system, they invested in features like security tools and document training, solving many of the organizational challenges associated with AI integration.

With the support of outside investment and a talented board, TeamAI has become a powerhouse of collaborative and AI-driven resources, refined for the business environment. Over 1,000 companies now use the platform to improve learning and communication. We have a wealth of resources dedicated to continuously improving TeamAI and keeping up with a rapidly evolving landscape. Whatever the future of AI looks like, our team is here to help you make the most of it.

What Drives Us


TeamAI is all about exploring possibilities, like how AI can help your team reach new heights. To get there, we follow a set of values that help us turn ideas into reality.

Here are some of the things that inspire us:

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The Future

Tech is already hard to keep up with, and AI has moved at a breakneck pace. Before you invest a new tool, you need to know that it won’t leave you behind. We prioritize the future when developing and improving TeamAI, ensuring flexibility and reliability so you can adapt to whatever comes next.

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You could come up with countless applications for AI, but not all of them make sense for your organization. We developed our product based on real-world challenges with integrating AI in business operations. We focus on building valuable solutions that fit your unique needs, helping to address your biggest problems while reaping the benefits of a powerful new technology.

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As one of the first platforms of its kind, TeamAI is big on innovation. Our crew works hard to stay on top of evolving technology, continuously learn and help clients get ahead of the competition. With a system that’s cost-effective and quick to implement, we make it easier to innovate with AI while minimizing risk.

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AI should make our lives easier, so we steer clear of steep learning curves or hard-to-use programs. TeamAI is intuitive, and we strive to keep a complex piece of technology as simple and accessible as possible.

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The future of technology is expansive. While that might intimidate some people, it inspires us. We can’t wait to explore new possibilities and find ways to help businesses meet their goals through AI and machine learning.

The Leadership Team

Meet the architects behind TeamAI.

Bill – President

Chris – Head of Marketing

Moiz – Head of Product

Shane – Head of Community

Jawad – Developer

Samad – Founding Developer

Where the Magic Happens

With offices around the world and a globally distributed team, we support clients across locations and time zones.


1705 N Front Street
Harrisburg PA, 17102

Ft. Myers

1500 Jackson St., Suite 300Fort Myers, FL 33901

Ann Arbor

206 E Huron St.Ann Arbor, MI 48104


RN-14, San Lorenzo El Cubo, Guatemala



Cape Town

114 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa

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