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TeamAI is a purpose-built ChatGPT-like platform for businesses that leverages the best models available in a team workspace. With automated workflows and the ability to chat with your full library of documents, you’ll find new ways to drive value for customers and revenue for your business.

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“There is no other tool like this that makes it so easy to roll out AI in your organization. Their multi model system makes it easy to adapt my strategy as AI tools change so quickly and I’m not committed to any one single AI model in my organization.”

Automated AI Workflows

Create multi-step AI workflows by:

  • Chatting with OpenAI or Gemini
  • Connecting to Custom Plugins
  • Integrating with Zapier
  • Linking to Your Own Data Library
  • Generating concepts, source feedback.

Streamline creative workflows by leveraging AI automation.

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AI Chat Assistants

Create a purpose-built chat assistant for any task. Connect with:

  • Your Own Document Library
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Custom Plugins
  • Custom style guides
  • UI or UX Audit Chats

Create your own custom chat assistant for creative, design tasks.

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Document Libraries & Custom Plugin

Upload and chat with 1000s of your own documents to foster a creative collaboration space by:

  • Sharing and chatting with design specs
  • Holding creative brainstorming sessions with your current templates
  • Generating insights from current portfolios

Quickly find and utilize design resources.

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Collaborative Workspace

A team workspace with shared conversations, prompts, documents. Foster a creative collaboration space with:

  • Shared Design Files
  • Collaborative Feedback Loops
  • Creative Brainstorming Sessions

Don’t work in a silo with your AI Chat solution.

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Using Gemini, OpenAI & More

Today the best model is GPT4-Vision, tomorrow it’s Gemini Pro. Don’t get stuck with a single model platform like ChatGPT.

TeamAI let’s you pick the best available model for the job.

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Custom Prompt Libraries

Develop design-focused prompts for:

  • Client presentation ideas
  • User experience feedback
  • Design concept exploration

Encourage innovative thinking and client-focused solutions with TeamAI’s collaborative workspace.

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Quality Assurance & Oversight

TeamAI let’s you see what your team is working on and how much they’re using AI.

  • Design and brand consistency checks
  • Evaluate design team’s AI use
  • Keep an eye on costs through simple reports.

Ensure top-quality design work and client satisfaction.

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Bring Human Collaboration to AI Workspaces

From analyzing long documents to brainstorming content ideas, AI is paving the way forward for organizations of all sizes. A staggering 97% of business owners feel that ChatGPT will positively impact their operations. TeamAI will enhance design processes, foster innovation, and streamline project workflows. Embrace AI to unlock new realms of possibilities, efficiency, and customization.  Start a Free Trial »

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