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Share Team Knowledge in an AI Workspace

TeamAI’s is built for teams to collaborate with AI. With shared folders, custom prompts, conversational forking and comments, you can work as a full team on projects within an AI Platform. This lets you:

  • Work on shared projects within a ChatGPT-like environment.
  • Improve your AI integration through shared learning.
  • Quality assure your team’s AI use.

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WebFX uses TeamAI for its 500+ Employees

“TeamAI’s collaborative features have superpowered our teams. Hundreds of our employees have been able to share prompts and use multiple models using TeamAI. It is flexible enough for all of our teams’ processes and powerful enough to do everything they need.
TeamAI is a gamechanger.”

Every Team Benefits from More Collaboration


Idea Generation and Execution

Facilitate the exchange of creative ideas and collaborate on marketing campaigns, from conception to execution, in a shared environment.

Content Organization

Keep all marketing content, strategies, and resources neatly organized, streamlining campaign management and deployment.


Creative Collaboration

Share design concepts and feedback in real-time, fostering a collaborative creative process that drives innovation.

Resource Management

Keep design assets and project files organized in designated folders, enhancing team efficiency and project continuity.

HR & Hiring

Recruitment Collaboration

Share candidate profiles and feedback within the HR team, streamlining the recruitment process and improving candidate assessment.

Training Material Centralization

Organize and share training resources, facilitating easy access for new hires and supporting ongoing employee development.


Collaborative Deal Strategy

Share and refine sales strategies in real-time, allowing teams to craft tailored approaches to complex deals.

Resource Accessibility

Organize sales materials in dedicated folders, ensuring quick access to the right information at the right time, enhancing pitch effectiveness.

Business Development

Project Management Efficiency

Share administrative documents and project plans, enabling simultaneous collaboration and ensuring alignment on business objectives.

Sensitive Information Control:

Customize folder permissions to secure sensitive information, balancing accessibility with security.

Maintain Human Collaboration in AI Workspaces

TeamAI’s Shared Workspaces are more than just a collaborative tool; they are a foundation for building a more innovative, efficient, and cohesive work culture. By seamlessly integrating conversation sharing, forking, and an organized folder system, TeamAI empowers teams across all departments to collaborate more effectively, drive innovation, and achieve superior results. Start a Free Trial »

Build a Culture of AI Collaboration

TeamAI is a shared workspace, not a siloed chat like ChatGPT.

Your team’s shared workspace is designed to enhance collaboration, streamline project management, and foster innovation within your organization.

By enabling conversation sharing, forking, and organized folder structures, TeamAI transforms how teams work together on prompt design, problem-solving, and project continuity.

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