Custom Plugins

Create Your Own Plugins for GPT-4 and Gemini Chats

TeamAI’s Custom Plugins give you the power to connect any external endpoint through a POST or GET request to your AI Chat. You can now leverage the power of plugins quickly and effectively with GPT-4, Gemini, CodeBison and LLaMA

  • Connect to Zapier to automate tasks
  • Connect to your own external databases
  • Seamless Connection to Third-Party APIs (ex: RapidAPI)

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Customizable AI Interactions

Nutshell Superpowers it’s Marketing Team

“TeamAI is like a superpowered ChatGPT. It gave our team a way to work together using tools like GPT-4 and Claude 2.”

Seamless Third-party API Connections


Custom Analytics Tools

Build plugins for deep analysis of market trends and consumer behavior, providing data-driven insights for impactful marketing strategies.

Enhanced Content Strategy

Utilize plugins to pull in external content and data, enriching marketing materials and social media campaigns for greater engagement.


Creative Inspiration Tools

Develop plugins that aggregate design trends and project requirements, sparking creativity and innovation in design projects.

Feedback Integration

Automate the collection and analysis of feedback on design projects, enabling continuous improvement and client satisfaction.

HR & Hiring

Automated Candidate Screening

Implement plugins that interface with job boards and HR systems to automate the screening process, quickly identifying top talent.

Personalized Onboarding Experiences

Create custom workflows for onboarding, integrating with internal systems to provide a seamless start for new hires.


Tailored Sales Tools

Create plugins that integrate with your sales databases for real-time customer insights, enabling personalized engagement and improved sales strategies.

Automated Data Integration

Seamlessly connect to CRM systems to update customer interactions automatically, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in sales processes.

Business Development

Process Automation Plugins

Automate routine administrative tasks such as scheduling and email management, freeing up time for strategic activities.

Advanced Data Management

Use plugins to connect with internal databases for real-time data analysis, supporting informed decision-making and operational efficiency.

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Create Highly Customized Chats with Custom Plugins

By leveraging TeamAI Custom Plugins, you’re not just enhancing your AI experience; you’re unlocking a new realm of possibilities for innovation and customization. Whether you’re aiming to streamline processes, integrate unique data sources, or offer bespoke solutions to your team, custom plugins are your gateway to making it happen. Start a Free Trial »

See How to Set Up Custom Plugins

Sit in with our Head of Product, Moiz, as he shows you how to build custom plugins.

Custom plugins empower you to connect with an array of external data resources and services, allowing for the smooth integration of diverse functionalities directly into TeamAI.

Custom plugins allows teams to extend GPT-4 or Gemini’s capabilities to meet their specific needs, fostering innovation, efficiency, and a more personalized approach to their workflows.

This flexibility ensures that teams can adapt quickly to changes and maintain a competitive edge.

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