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TeamAI is a purpose-built ChatGPT-like platform for businesses that leverages the best models available in a team workspace. With automated workflows and the ability to chat with your full library of documents, you’ll find new ways to drive value for customers and revenue for your enterprise. Get up to 1,000 team members onboarded for a little as $849.

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WebFX uses TeamAI for its 500+ Employees

TeamAI’s collaborative features have superpowered our teams. Hundreds of our employees have been able to share prompts and use multiple models using TeamAI. It is flexible enough for all of our teams’ processes and powerful enough to do everything they need.
TeamAI is a gamechanger.

Integrate AI Across All Teams


Generate Content Quickly

Generate content faster to keep your strategies up-to-date.

Automated Workflows

Automate your workflows so you can spend time on high-value tasks.


Get Insights from Images

Upload images to get insights.

Spark New Ideas

Jump-start your creativity.


Generate Relevant Questions

Have your AI assistant craft relevant interview questions based on the position and your goals.

Analyze Resumes & CVs

Upload a list of responsibilities, and your AI can build a targeted job listing to attract quality candidates.

HR + Ops

Build Team Guidance

Let your AI generate outlines for handbooks and guides.

Promote Team Learning

Help employees master generative AI through usage insights that tell you where to intervene.


Conduct Market Research

Distill vast amounts of information to identify what your prospects care about.

Ask the Right Questions

AI will help you generate relevant questions and find opportunities with prospets.

Public Relations

Refine Communications

Have the AI generate text for press releases based on contextual details.

Simplify Frequent Tasks

Need to share reports every month? Add a prompt your custom library to build your messaging faster.

Business Development

Conduct Research Quickly

Summarize and distill information to improve your strategy.

Find Supporting Evidence

Ask the AI to point you toward cases or research that support your claim.

Automated AI Workflows

Create Enterprise-Level Automation with multi-step AI workflows by:

  • Chatting with OpenAI or Gemini
  • Connecting to Custom Plugins
  • Integrating with Zapier
  • Searching the Web
  • Linking to Your Own Data Library

Streamline enterprise operations across your teams.

Discover Automated Workflows

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AI Chat Assistants

Tailor purpose-built chat assistants for any team at an enterprise-scale. Connect with:

  • Your Own Document Library
  • Zapier Integrations
  • Custom Plugins & Database Connections

Provide custom instructions and personas to get the responses you need.

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Document Libraries & Custom Plugin

Centralize your documents in a purpose-built database. Upload and chat with 1000s of your own documents including:

  • Corporate Policies
  • Training Materials
  • Whitepapers & Marketing Materials
  • Market Research

Facilitate easy access to critical information across teams.

Discover Custom Plugins

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Collaborative Workspace

An enterprise workspace with shared conversations, prompts, documents and folder. Promote cross-departmental collaboration with:

  • Shared knowledgebases and custom assistants
  • Improved AI knowledge sharing
  • Shared chats, folders & prompt libraries

Don’t work in a silo with your AI Chat solution. Use a tool that builds AI alignment into your organization.

Discover Collaborative Workspaces

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Using Gemini & OpenAI

Keep your enterprise agile with the best AI solutions.

Today the best model is GPT4, tomorrow it’s Gemini Pro. Don’t get stuck with a single model platform like ChatGPT.

TeamAI let’s you pick the best available model for the job.

Discover Multi-Platform Functionality

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Custom Prompt Libraries

Create custom prompts that do the job for your business.

  • Create and save approved, proprietary prompts templates.
  • Share prompts across your workspace for your entire team.
  • Organize prompts into relevant folders.

Discover Shared Prompts

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Quality Assurance & Oversight

TeamAI let’s you see what your team is working on and how much they’re using AI.

  • Provide quality assurance for your team.
  • Improve AI use by promoting collaboration
  • Keep an eye on costs through simple reports.
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Get the AI Edge Over Competitors

From analyzing long documents to brainstorming content ideas, AI is paving the way forward for organizations of all sizes. A staggering 97% of business owners feel that ChatGPT will positively impact their operations. Take AI to the next level and stay ahead of the curve with a flexible workspace designed for whatever the future holds. Start a Free Trial »

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