Create an AI Assistant for Sales Teams

Immediate access to relevant information can be the difference between closing or losing a deal. Consider the difference made by knowing the perfect response during a sales pitch or losing a potential customer due to uncertainty. 

Picture having a tailor-made advisor instructed to use your product catalog, coaching materials, and information about your prospect.

In this post, we’ll take you through the process of creating a custom AI advisor using TeamAI’s datastores and assistants. Furthermore, we’ll delve into the numerous advantages this tool can add to your sales approach.

Learn About AI Assistants

Why Bother Building a Tailored AI Sales Advisor

Generative AI offers a way to superpower the human aspects of your sales team by giving them more information when they need it and making them more efficient in the process.

  1. Knowledge at Your Fingertips: A custom AI advisor acts as a vast storehouse of knowledge. It has access to a broad, precise, and up-to-date database of information that you’ve handpicked. This ensures its responses are always informed, correct, and highly pertinent to your sales discussions.
  2. Steady and Dependable Support: An AI advisor is available 24/7 and is immune to fatigue or burnout. This promises steady, reliable support whenever you require it.
  3. Sales Team Empowerment: An AI sales advisor empowers your sales team by equipping them with the knowledge they need to confidently close sales. It can provide on-demand insights, assist in handling objections, provide information about products or services, and help identify opportunities—all of which can boost the performance and motivation of your sales team.

Let’s learn how to create your own custom AI sales assistant:

Learn About AI Assistants

Step 1: Building a Knowledge Base with Datastores

The initial step in creating your AI advisor involves building a rich knowledge base with information that can help you close deals. This can include product specifications that you can have at your finger tips or deep knowledge about the prospect and their business.

This is accomplished by setting up a datastore in Team AI, which is a compiled collection of text resources that you’ve validated for accuracy and relevance to your sales topics.

Creating a Datastore to Chat with Your Resources

  1. Resource Collection: Start by identifying the resources that will benefit your sales team. This could comprise sales techniques sourced from reputable bodies, insightful sales strategies blog posts, or authoritative transcripts from YouTube on sales training.
  2. Datastore: In TeamAI, head to the datastore section and establish a new datastore. Fill it with the resources you’ve collected. For web pages, simply copy and paste the URLs, separating them with commas. Connect to your Google Drive to pull in documents quickly, or simple drag and drop PDFs and files into the TeamAI interface.
  3. Start Chatting with Your Documents: Now within any chat, you can choose your documents are start chatting with them. This pulls your own info into the chat!

With a bit more technical knowledge you can take this to the next level by integrating your own custom plugins. Custom Plugins allow you to pull in your own databases of customer data, company info or most API endpoints you can think of.

Learn more about datastores.

Learn About AI Assistants

Step 2: Build Your Sales Assistant

After your datastore is ready, the next phase is to create an assistant that will function as your custom sales advisor.

How to Build an AI Assistant:

  1. Category Selection: Navigate to the assistant creation page and select a relevant category, such as sales consulting. If your particular category isn’t listed, establish a new one.
  2. Assistant Configuration: Assign a title and description for your assistant. This is what you see in the chat when you use the assistant.
  3. Develop custom instructions: This is a key step where you tell the assistant exactly how you’d like it to behave so that it matches your needs. For example, you may want your assistant to always respond with a bulleted list of Product Specs, or you may want it to always include a list of follow-up questions for a prospect to keep the conversation moving.
  4. Model Selection: Based on your need for rapidity or depth of response, choose a suitable AI model. Choices include GPT-4 Turbo for extensive datasets or quicker models like GPT-3.5 for speedier, albeit possibly less thorough, answers.
  5. Datastore Connection: Link your previously created datastore to the assistant. This connects the assistant to your curated resources, enabling it to deliver informed responses.
  6. Assistant Testing: Before depending on it in real-world scenarios, test the assistant with various questions to ensure it produces accurate and useful information.

For more about assistants, visit here.

Step 3: Use Your Custom AI Assistant

With your advisor ready, you possess the capability to tackle sales situations with more knowledge and confidence. 

Whether it’s during a sales call or prepping for a potential client meeting, your custom advisor can quickly provide you with expert knowledge on various sales topics, like negotiation tactics or pipeline management.

Build Your AI Assistant with TeamAI

A Custom AI sales advisor is a powerful tool that can power boost your sales process. It offers an intelligent, cost-effective, and reliable solution to the challenges of contemporary sales environments, aiding your team to excel in their roles and drive business growth. 

With your newly developed AI advisor, you’re well-prepared to take your sales approach to the next level. Here’s to successful selling!

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